1. You have been provided with an environment with the necessary softwares and tools for you to complete the assessment. Your time will start only after you enter the environment.

  2. The Project has already been loaded into your environment. Execute the file "click-here" to complete the setup. This will setup your IDE and open the Problem Statement and the project specific instructions in your browser. In case you close the tab/browser, you can execute the file "" to reopen them.

  3. Two buttons ‘Execute’ and ‘View Result’ are given in the environment. Click on ‘Run’ to intermediately test your solution. Click on ‘Finish’ to submit your code and close your environment.

  4. Once the test is finished, you cannot retrieve your code again.

  5. You cannot copy the code to your system from the environment or vice-versa.

  6. In case of any issue, you can reopen your environment by reopening the test in your browser as long as you have time left.

  7. Your result will be saved only when you finish the test or when your time expires. It will not be saved if the test is not open in a browser when your time is up.

You are all set to code!